Nextpayway iGaming
payment platform solution

Nextpayway is a unique iGaming Payment Platform Solution wallet blockchain. Players, from anywhere around the globe, can now use Nextpayway to easily deposit and withdraw funds to and from their gaming account fast, easy and securely.

Our Technology enables iGaming operators access Nextpayway exchange payment ecosystem, facilitating near-instant deposits and withdrawals. 100% secure. 0% fraud risk. A new horizon for the iGaming industry.

What is NextPayway


Nextpayway is a technology company which aims to reinvent payments for the global iGaming industry. Combining top notch wallet blockchain technology with a comprehensive knowledge of the needs and requirements of the online gambling industry.

Partnering with Nextpayway and integrating our services will allow you, as the operator, the powerful ability to utilize over 350 payment methods that are integrated into our platform to process your players’ incoming and outgoing funds!


Benefit of our Nextpayway extremely flexible payment platform solution for iGaming operators globally. It’s integrated with major exchanges worldwide APIs, including 350 payment methods and fraud detection solutions.

Nextpayway is a PCI DSS Level 1 Payment Service Provider delivering a holistic approach to payment and risk management through best of breed vendors accessible through a single integration.


Nextpayway utilizes the world’s leading software platform for digital assets Blockchain. We are using these innovative technologies to build a radically better financial system for the iGaming sector.

Nextpayway is an Estonian company which regulated under a European License.

Key Merchant Features

Fiat Settlements

Weekly Euro fiat settlements directly to your bank accounts.

Platform Security

Two factor Authentication, SSL certificates, Wallet key.

Worldwide availability

Nextpayway is not limited to any country and is integrated with over 350 payment options.

Zero Risk or Fraud

Near-instant deposits and withdrawals. 100% secure. 0% fraud risk.

What are NXP coins

NXP coin is based on Blockchain technology. The exchange to fiat is fixed and simple, 1 NXP=1 euro. Users can use funds in their Nextpayway Wallet to buy and exchange NXP coins to any crypto currency such as Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum etc.


What is Nextpayway Wallet

Nextpayway Wallet allows users to gain control over payments, buy various Cryptocurrencies, check Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc balance easily and make transfers blindfolded!

Nextpayway Wallet is safe and reliable as we only the latest and advanced technologies to protect users’ funds.

Nextpayway Wallet is nearly instant and always available for sending or receiving funds. Any platform, any device, only your wish.

Use your own wallet, if you desire you can use your own wallet to withdraw.

About NextPayWay
Who are we?

We are entrepreneurs, innovators, enthusiasts with over 15 years of extensive industry experience. We have created and developed Nextpayway Solution with experts in each area to bring together an innovative payment solution platform.

We know that processing for the iGaming industry is becoming more and more challenging with an ongoing increase in fraud attempts. Identifying the potential for cryptocurrency to revolutionize the financial industry, making payments faster, more secure, and less expensive on a global scale We have decide to join forces and to build an ideal solution for operators that struggle daily with processing difficulties and high fraud risk.

We wanted to make it easy for iGaming businesses to accept and payout payments. We’ve created a seamless, secure payment experience.

The Nextpayway secure wallet is giving consumers a powerful toolkit for getting started right with cryptocurrency payments, and gives users a fast way to store, exchange and spend cryptocurrency where it is accepted.

Crypto currencies future looks very bright, and we plan on remaining on the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in innovative new ways.

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